Regular Cleaning Products vs. Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Since we are an eco cleaning brand, it's no surprise that we want to let everyone know about the benefits of using natural cleaning products. 

If you want to know how plant-based products differ from regular cleaning products then keep reading. Here are 10 major reasons that might shock you!

1. Plant-Based Chemicals Are Gentle On Sensitive Skin

 When exposed to certain ingredients in cleaning products, it can lead to skin irritaion - or worse. 

Two common Ingredients :

Chlorine Bleach

Exposure to chlorine has been known to cause extreme allergic reactions, chemical burns and permanent tissue damage. It's often found in disinfectants and cleaners. Chronic respiratory problems have even been linked to bleach exposure. 


This is a known carcinogen that can cause allergic responses and skin irritation. 

It's also known as : 

  • Methane diol 
  • Methanal 
  • Methyl aldehyde
  • Methylene glycol 
  • Methylene oxide
  • Formic aldehyde
  • Formalin

There are multiple ingredients that can release formaldehyde. 

We can conclude that you want to stay away from using products that contain these chemicals as they pose a risk to your health. 

Can you clean your bathroom without having to use bleach? Yes. We'd love to prove it to you.

2. Plant-Based Cleaning Companies Are Often Cruelty-Free

From start to finish, Áthos is 100% cruelty free. We love animals just as much as anyone else and don't condone animal testing. We love the fact that more and more companies in our market have taken a stand against animal testing.

3. Natural Cleaning Products Tend to Cause Less Allergies

 Conventional cleaning products are known to cause sinus or respiratory irritation in certain people.

Áthos was started to provide the best plant-based cleaning products. That's why we began identifying plants with known cleaning and anti-microbial properties and through years of rigorous testing, arrived at 3 formulations each featuring a precise combination of natural active ingredietnts.

We will never use any of the following common allergens and irritants : 

  • Perfumes
  • Bleach
  • Dyes
  • Chlorine
  • Phosphates
  • Caustics
  • Ammonia
  • Phtalates

4. Natural Cleaning Products Tend to Conserve Earth's Resources

Why purchase multiple products to clean your surfaces at home when you can use a multi-purpose cleaner. This cuts down waste and space!

Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is available in concentrated form, you add it  to a bottle of your choice, mix it with water, shake it and start cleaning! 

We'd even recommend buying a bundle of concentrates to cut down on your waste even more!

 5. Natural Cleaning Products Are Good For The Environment 

Common cleaning products affect the indoor and outdoor environment and can lead to pollution and waste.

  • Water Pollution - Chemicals from cleaning products are washed into stream and rivers. Some even stay in the environment and enter the food chain. Which is not good at all!
  • Air Pollution - Volatile organic compounds in cleaning products can affect the air quality in your home. 

The EPA recommends using plant-based cleaning products that are low in volatile organic compounds. 

6. Plant-Based Cleaners Reduce Indoor Pollution 

Do you know how safe the air in your home is? You''ve got less to worry about with plant-based cleaning products. The EPA mentions that very often, indoor air quality can be much worse than outside because of toxic household products like cleaners, sprays and disinfectants. 

You can reduce indoor pollution by keeping windows open to let air circulate your home. When you clean using products with organic formulas, you also reduce the risk of exposing your home to harmful chemicals and toxins. Especially when cleaning in less ventilated areas it is convenient to use plant-based products. 

7. Natural Ingredients Cause Less Accidental Stains 

Using toxic or chemical products can often cause accidental stains if you are not careful. From bleach stains to discoloration on clothes. Products with bleach or acid can often do more damage than good. Don't cause more cleaning problems when trying to clean something in the first place by using chemical products.
When used strategically, plant-based cleaners can handle heavy duty problems. You can get rid of hard water stains in your bathroom without the help of industrial strength cleaners. 

8. Plant-Based Cleaning Is Especially Safe for Babies

 Natural cleaning products are the safest option for you if have little ones at home or currently are pregnant. Short-term effects of toxic cleaning products for children include diarrhea, skin rashes, nausea and headaches. But long-term exposure can lead to cancer and even birth defects. This is why we need to clean our homes with the safest and most gentle ingredients for us, while maintaining cleaning power.

9. Plant-Based Cleaning Products Are Created for the Safety of Your Home & Family

Áthos is a brand that prioritizes what really matters in life: the environment and the people that we love. That's why we have a completely transparent ingredients list on every one of our products. 

We showcased this commitment to excellence on each bottle by proudly displaying the exact number of trials required to develop a line of Non-Toxic, ethically produced, great smelling and, most importantly, effective natural cleaners. 

10. Plant-Based Cleaning Products Avoid Caustics

The EPA has stated that many normal cleaning products contain harsh ingredients. Especially concentrated cleaners can be hazardous, causing lung damage, accidental poisoning or burns. This is a major concern for any household. 

We've run countless tests on our plant-based products and we can guarantee that they are safe to use around your family. No residue, no fumes. 

Start Off Your Plant-Based Cleaning Journey Today

Since there is no definition for "natural" when it comes to cleaning products, pay special attention to the ingredients specified in the product you are interested in. At Áthos, you can see all the ingredients we use for every product. 

Start cleaning the green way, today

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