Our Story

We are a family founded company that prides itself on keeping tradition alive. Drawing inspiration from our Greek ancestors who knew how to unlock the power of nature, we created a Áthos- a collection of plant-based cleaners crafted with the same ancestral wisdom yet formulated to achieve modern results.

Nature Meets Science

Blending our love of nature with a passion for innovation, we combined carefully sourced essential oils from around the globe with powerful plant-extracts to create formulas capable of conquering any household chore. We began by identifying plants with known cleaning and anti-microbial properties and through years of rigorous testing, arrived at 3 formulations each featuring a precise combination of natural active ingredients.

We showcased this commitment to excellence on each bottle by proudly displaying the exact number of trials required to develop a line of Non-Toxic, ethically produced, great smelling and, most importantly, effective natural cleaners.

Prohibited Ingredients 

We maintain a strict set of guidelines across all of our formulations and refuse to use any of the following ingredients….

Our Commitment to you

At Áthos we take the Greek ideal of Philoxenia (φιλοξενία) to heart. A concept loosely translated as love for one’s neighbor, philoxenia guides us to respect both our animal neighbors (no animal testing ever) and every one ofyou.We are committed to using only the highest quality plant extracts and continuously testing the effectiveness of our products.