Our Story

Welcome to the inspiring journey of ÁTHOS, a story of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to truly clean, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The genesis of ÁTHOS goes back six years, where a personal challenge sparked a transformative idea.

Our founder, Tina, found herself confronted with a life-changing medical diagnosis. Faced with the need to eliminate chemicals and toxins from her lifestyle, Tina was forced to reevaluate her cleaning routine. While she tried various plant-based alternatives, she found them falling short in effectiveness. However, where others saw a dead-end, Tina saw opportunity: a chance to create a range of plant-based cleaning products that could rival traditional cleaners in efficiency.

Backed by three years of meticulous research, testing, and formulating, Tina partnered with expert chemists and botanists to make this dream a reality. The resulting line of cleaning products was revolutionary: plant-based, potent, and completely transparent in their ingredients. No veiled 'eco-washing' or marketing gimmicks at ÁTHOS; our commitment to authenticity meant refusing to use any ingredients detrimental to your health or our planet.

Inspired by the self-sustaining practices of Mount Áthos in Greece, ÁTHOS has always prioritized eco-conscious business methods. Every bottle we produce reflects our respect for the environment, mirroring the sustainable harmony of the inhabitants of Mount Áthos with their land.

Maintaining our dedication to quality and community, all our manufacturing processes take place right here in Chicago. This local production allows us to keep a keen eye on quality while also nurturing and supporting our local community.

Today, ÁTHOS proudly presents four distinct, truly clean cleaning solutions: Bathroom, Glass & Window, Granite and Stone, and Multi-Surface cleaners. In our continuous pursuit of sustainability, we even offer some of these in concentrated form to reduce single use plastic.

The ÁTHOS journey is more than just the production of cleaning solutions; it's a testament to resilience, sustainability, and innovation. As we continue to grow, we carry the essence of our origins in each bottle, offering you a cleaning experience that is as enriching for your home as it is for our planet. Join us as we redefine cleaning, one bottle at a time.