How to Clean Natural Stone Surfaces

Restore and maintain your marble, quartz & granite  surfaces by regularly wiping down the area with the Áthos Multi-Surface Cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. Our formulation NEVER leaves streaks and will restore the shine of precious stone slabs.

Our plant based, pH neutral formula is ideal for natural stone surfaces and is available in two citrus blends. The lively freshness of the orange & bergamot multi-surface cleaner is inspired by the sun-dappled Mediterranean. The sweet orange essential oil is sourced from our family groves in the Peloponnesian region of Greece and is complimented by soft notes of Sicilian Bergamot. The second formulation combines piercing grapefruit notes and natural fragrant lemon extract.

Tip: Avoid placing hot pots directly onto natural stone surfaces to avoid cracking and discoloration.

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