How to Clean Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen counters are the powerhouse of the Kitchen. They are some of the most utilized and high-touch traffic surfaces in the home. A counter can serve as a prep area, a place for random clutter to pile up, and an area to show off your new fancy espresso maker.

Any space that is used so frequently and in a variety of ways, is going to need routine and deep cleaning. To accomplish the task, you will need the best countertop cleaner on the market, that is pH neutral and doesn’t leave any streaks or film behind. Here’s what you need to know to keep cleaning from becoming overwhelming: 


ÁTHOS Natural Surface Cleaner



You want your surfaces to shine and sparkle without causing damage to your countertops. That's why we've formulated ÁTHOS surface with alkaline water, which ensures a neutral base pH making it safe for natural stone surfaces. It is ideal for granite, laminate, quartz, corian, marble and natural stone. 

Tip: Given that no two natural stone surfaces are alike, we recommend testing your cleaner on a small inconspicuous area. 


1. How to Clean Countertops: Tackle Clutter

Start by removing all the household items that tend to build up on your counter space. You will also want to get rid of countertop appliances (toaster, coffee maker, mixer etc.) to clean the spots they normally cover, since those will be some of the dirtiest. 

Tip: Consider placing random items in a designated area or container and work on finding a permanent home for these miscellaneous items later on.

2. How to Clean Countertops: Pre-Clean

Start by removing dust, crumbs and debris from your countertop for a proper deep clean. You will want to use a paper towel, cotton cloth or microfiber towel to remove any visible dirt.

3. How to Clean Countertops: Clean in Sections

Breaking down tasks into sections, gives every part of the counter the attention it needs and deserves. Spray each segment with a single, sweeping spray. If you're dealing with messier and highly trafficked areas, apply an extra spray and let the cleaning solution sit and soak for up to a minute.

Tip: Fold your towel in half two times, then wipe with medium pressure in a Z-pattern, which has been proven to be the most efficient cleaning pattern and ensures coverage of every square inch.

4. Use a Streak Free Surface Cleaner

Nothing is worse than cleaning a surface, but having a streaky residue left behind. Some surfaces like black granite and stainless steel are prone to noticeable streak marks. Avoid streaks and leftover residue by:

  1. Using a streak free cleaner like ÁTHOS multi-surface cleaner
  2. Using a clean and dry microfiber cloth
  3. Whipping in a Z motion

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